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With all my heart I would like to congratulate TMAF for the holistic community driven initiatives in the field of cancer awareness, quality education, job oriented skills in remotest areas of India which are amongst the most challenging issues of our times.

This sincere effort will not only inspire others but will go a long way in realising Meenu’s dream of a happy society. I am grateful to TMAF for giving me an opportunity to serve & be an instrument to make a difference.
Ankur Agarwal
My long due desire of giving back to the society has been realised through The Meenu Agarwal Foundation . The Foundation is welcoming to each one who carries the intent of making a difference to other’s lives and has the sole purpose of bringing about positive change. TMAF works in five verticals which has been well thought of and covers the major issues prevailing in the society which requires attention and upliftment.

I am committed to TMAF for life as through the Foundation, I am helping to fulfil the dream of my best friend, Meenu. She has left me with a purpose and I would not let her down. It’s a noble cause and I am fortunate to be a part of TMAF.
Nidhi Patodia
The Meenu Agarwal Foundation stands for the same principles that Meenu truly epitomized in her life – grit, compassion and self-les service. Generally the loss of a loved one leads to grief for sometime, and then the world has to move on.

But it’s incredible to see how the foundation has chosen to draw strength and inspiration from Meenu’s life, and converted that into meaningful action for the society.

In the foundation and it’s work, Meenu continues to live, probably more than she ever did. I stand by the foundation, and wish it all the success in it’s efforts to touch people’s lives and make this world a better place to live in.
Krishna Sarda
The TMAF is the place you would want to bring solace to your charitable heart. In such a short span of time, the kind of work they are doing is outstanding and worthy of a loud applause.

Right from the identification of a truly needy area of work, be it the school’s they are building to the other noble areas of work, their identification is so genuine, followed by steadfast implementation without any delay!

I’m thankful to TMAF for doing such good work and giving us all an opportunity to be a part of it too in whichever way we can.
Devina Bafna Lohia
TMAF since inception has had laser sharp focus on its objectives of creating mass social impact. Their agility and empathy in times of need was really impressive. They were very quick to responding to the COVID – 19 crisis, and continue to support many struggling communities.

Knowing the foundation and the sincerity of its team makes me a proud to be a part of their projects. A heartfelt thank you for all the great work done. Wishing them success in all their future endeavours.
Samisha Seth
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