Project Dharmasthapna

Taking the essence of Sanatan Dharma to the villages and reviving the lost Vedic system of education.

Revival of Vedic Education & Sanatan Dharma in villages

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We are passionate about preserving and promoting the glory of Vaidic education. With the vision to maintain the purity of Vaidic tradition for the generations to come, we have established the first Veda School in south Bengal. Here the Veda students learn both Vedas and general education. Gradually over the years we aim to increase the number of Vaidic Pathshalas in different parts of India.

We have tied up with The Vaidic Dharma Sansthan Trust for providing the knowhow and for providing qualified Vedacharyas for teaching Vedas, as they have thirty years of experience in imparting Vedic education.

Vedic system of education implied that providing education was the responsibility of the society and thus education was never charged for and was always provided free of cost, so that rich or poor both could have equal opportunities to the same quality education. In keeping up with this tradition we provide this education without charging money from the students and the foundation takes care of even their food and stay.

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