Project Annadaata

Chemical free and zero budget farming training
Making natural produce available to everyone.
Protecting Desi Cows by building Gaushalas

Good Food for All

Organic farming program: “Agriculture is the backbone of human existence. For any civilization to prosper, agriculture has to be healthy and sustainable”- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Under the guidance of Sri Sri Institute of Agricultural Sciences & Technology Trust, Project Annadaata aims at providing knowledge, education, research and support to farmers of all scales.

What We Do

Ours is a long term Eco-initiative to protect natural resources of land, soil, water and vegetation. In the initial stages our aim is interaction with farmers and public to apprise them of the causes for decline in crop productivity and escalation in production costs resulting in higher consumer prices. We are working to make the farmers aware that chemical farming brings not only dwindling in income but also leads to great loss of soil fertility and also damages their land and water resources.

On the other side of this vicious circle, people are forced to eat chemically grown produces with is proving extremely detrimental to the health. Thus we aim at making chemical free naturally grown produce available to all the consumers, its certainly possible if more and more farmers stitck to natural farming by realizing the innumerable benefits of chemical free farming.

We are also creating a desi seed bank as most of the seeds available in the market are hybrid seeds. It is therefore imperative to make desi seeds available everywhere for farmers to help in natural farming.

The zero budget model of farming needs produce and by produce of a desi cow, one desi cow is sufficient to sustain a farm of upto 5 acres. Thus we are making gaushalas that than protect desi breed of cows and help in natural farming as well.

How we do

We have created many model natural farms with Gaushalas which not only make available natural produce but also serve as training centres for farmers where they can practically learn the methods and tricks of natural farming. The farmers are given training in natural farming where they become well versed with the different natural enzymes and natural pestisides, how to make them and how to use it, they also learn the very scientific agnihotra, that creates a positive energy in the farm.

The Seed bank provides an easy access to desi seeds for the farmers.

We are also working on a model wherein  A2 variety of milk will be provided by building Gaushalas leading to protection of Desi cows and Bulls. 

For This project we have tied up with Sri Sri Institute of Agriculture Science and Technology Trust.

Help the farmer
You can help the farmer by procuring their naturally grown produce
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