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About Meenu Agarwal

Formed with the sole objective of serving the society by strengthening the individual, The Meenu Agarwal Foundation was started in November 2019 in the fond memory of our beloved Meenu to realize her desires to bring about positive long lasting difference in the lives of people. 

In her very short life span of 37 years (04/10/1982 to 21/10/2019) Meenu has touched thousands of lives through her unbelievably infectious energy, undying smile and impeccably pure and genuine nature. She was a complete treat to be with, a person so full of life, a reservoir of positivity and enthusiasm with a rare quality to be able to uplift the environment around her.Anyone who has met her for even a brief moment recalls her as a person he/she instantly felt at home and connected with. A true inspiration, in her transient life she was the perfect role model for every relation, leaving all those who knew her, to live a life that emulates her spirit of spreading smiles.She was passionate about everything – food, clothing and the way she presented herself.

Child like enthusiasm and passion for everything in life!

A Chartered Financial Analyst by profession and Faculty with The Art of Living Foundation, she would go any length to serve the society. In November 2017 she was detected with Cancer, but that hardly deterred her from living her life. Even in extreme pain, she would be in her nature to help, to support someone. Even on her toughest days she would put others ahead of herself leaving everyone surprised, she would ensure all her care givers had eaten and were taken care of. Staff from across the hospital would come asking about her health.

Praising is said to be a Divine quality and she was indeed Divine, even during the last few days at hospital she wouldn’t leave a chance to compliment those who came to visit her. The Doctor who treated her during her last few days said the he was honoured to be treating her. 

She is our role model in true spirit in our endeavor of spreading smiles

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Mission & Vision Statements


Spreading smiles by building a better world through kindness.


Life in all its fullness for all its beings.


Lives touched so far


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Our Activity

What We Do

Providing free education to the underprivileged through our schools

Reviving the lost Vedic system of education through our Gurukul.

Providing skill training and creating micro entrepreneurs through livelihood generation.

Increasing farmers income by training them in chemical free farming.

Raising fund for cancer patients and spreading knowhow on cancer prevention.


Providing free education to underprivileged children. Reviving Vedic education.

Skills Training

Providing skills training and making the youth employable through development of required skill set.

Farmer Training

Increasing farmer income by training him in chemical free and zero budget farming.

Cancer Care

Raising funds cor cancer patients and spreading awareness of cancer prevention. Disaster relief.

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